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The Estes Group, Inc. is a boutique investment real estate brokerage company which serves clients in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida and Louisiana. Our market knowledge, leadership ability and integrity are used to help each client in making sound real estate decisions. Superior performance, constant communication and accountability are qualities that drive our success with clients and properties. Our team has partnered with The Future of Real Estate, the leading provider of online auction services, to offer our clients an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent, and secure process. FRE’s proprietary auction technology boasts global exposure and comprehensive real estate marketing strategies to find and meet buyers wherever they are.

Auction Representative

Estes Group Representative
Brian E. Estes
Estes Group

Mobile: +1 601 906 8999

Office: +1 601 362 9633

FRE Representative
Alisha Lange
Phone: +1 949 706 6129